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Drummer Cove Design Pewter Horseshoe Pin


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Drummer Cove Design Pewter Horseshoe Pin ($16)

Designed and created by Jeff Mitchell, Drummer Cove Design, Wellfleet, MA. Stunning fine hand crafted pewter castings of Atlantic sea creatures available for you to wear!

Jeff Mitchell: “I started working in pewter in 2000 and made things like candle stick holders and castings of sculptures…After moving to Cape Cod I tried…to take an impression of an Oyster Shell. From this I made the “Wellfleet Oyster Keychain”…I took an impression of a young horseshoe crab and did castings using the gravity pour method…So by a stroke of luck I discovered that people really like pewter castings taken from the actual “sea creature”.”



38 Bethel Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

Located in New Bedford, the nation’s most valuable fishing port, New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving and presenting the story of the fishing industry past, present, and future through exhibits, programs, and archives.

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