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Individual Support received between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022


Deborah and Benjamin Baker
Christina M. Bascom
Anthony and Susan Morris
Thomas R. Reilly
Nancy Warren

Lyle Howard

Scott Draper
Deven Franco
Spencer Markatos
Laura McLeod & Reidar Rasmussen
Brady Schofield
Kit and Bill VanMeter
Capt. Jessica Walker

Leo and Jocelyn Allen
Gary Arber and Madeleine Hall-Arber
Blair and Jessica Bailey
Reidar and Kirsten Bendiksen
Laurie and John Bullard
Althea B. Bullard
Laura Campbell & Gary Nevins

Captain David Casoni
Gloria J. Clark
Nancy Crosby
Kevin Dawson
Ed and Jolene Dennehy
Priscilla Ditchfield
Susan Gabert
Arthur Gaines & Jennifer Stone Gaines
Patricia Gerrior
David Gilbertson & Carolee Matsumoto
Gary and Sue Gulbranson
Catherine Hancock
Nancy and Mike Harding
Einar and Cheryl Isaksen
John and Ellen Isaksen
Martin Lipman & Barbara Pearl
Roger and Kathleen Lizotte
William and Mary Jane Maclean
Mary Mandeville
Harriet Grodem McHenry
Mary Anne McQuillan & Fred Sterner
Mr. and Mrs. W T Miller, II
Kathy and Morgan Mowbray
Joshua Murphy
Daniel Orchard &; Robinson Fulweiler
James Parmentier &

Elizabeth Fowler
Michael and Laura Pol
Jeff Pontiff and Diane Stevens
Rodman Sykes
Ed and Maureen Sylvia
Capt. Michael H.M. Taylor
Richard and Susan Violino

Jenny Amaral & Cesar Verde
Crista and Willie Bank
Arthur Bennett
Charlotte Berman
Nicholas Bonn
Kevin and Regina Connor
Robert French and Francine Veilleux
Brian Freyermuth  Amy Holden
Johan and Gloria Gundersen
Anne and Jerome Heller
Vincent and Margaret Malkoski
David & Amy Martins
John A. McCoy
Philip and Frances McMann
McTigue Family
Betts and Wisner Murray

Mrs. Mary Olsen
The Rita Family
Judy and Cliff Roderiques
Margo Saulnier and Scott Bishop
Ellen Shohet
Gabriel and Ellen Skaar
Barry and Susan Smith
Bob and Judi Sterns
Joan Swain
Stephanie Trott & Whitney McClees
Thomas Walsh and Jane Stott
Ms. Barbara Anna White

William Beckwith
Lucy Bly
Wendy Braga
Brock Cordeiro
Colin and Sylvia Everett
Kathy Frey
James Grasela
Judy Kearley
Sheila Mitchell
Councilor Linda Morad
Owen Nichols
Mary Lou Nicholson
Jeff Pagliuca
Dawn Salerno
Nancy Solomon

Senior or Student
Joan Akin
Arne Ole Andersen
Louise Anthony
Bernard Bendiksen
Megan Cordone
Sharon Cummings
Joan Daley
Gail Davidson
Helga Edvardsen-Dyck
Joanne Gracia
Margot Green
Edward P Hoffer
Joann Longden
Linda and William McCann
Mary Lou Mendonca
Terrence Meredith
Thomas Naples
Jo-Ann L. Thornton

Roy Veara
Mark Whalen


Arne Ole Andersen
Gary and Madeleine Arber/Hall-Arber
Paul Bacdayan
Blair Bailey
Deborah Baker
Rebecca Barnes
Bernard Bendiksen
Laura Campbell
Pereira Carlos
David Casoni
Gloria Clark
Marian Cook
Susan Copeland
Nancy Crosby
Sharon Cummings
Kevin Dawson
Linda Despres
Robert Dunn
Melinda Fitzgerald
Michael Foley
David Frank
Patricia Gerrior
Priscilla Gillespie
Dick Gracher
Nancy and Mike Harding
Lyle Howland
Alicia Ianiere
Pat Kavanagh
James Kendall
Patricia Lareau
Steven Lohrenz
Joann Longden
Steven Lubar
William Maclean
Catherine Marino
John and Tim Markey / Walsh
Beth Casoni
Victor Mastone
Fred Mattera
Martha Mayer
Linda and William McCann
William McKeon
Laura McLeod
Terrance Meredith
W T Miller, II
Anthony Morris
Morgan Mowbray
James Newman
Mary Olsen

Michael Pol
Brian Quinn
Kaylen Quintin Duquette
Tammy Saraiva
Walter Sieminski
Bob and Judi Sterns
Cynthia Stiglitz
Joan Swain
Michael H.M. Taylor
Mike Walker
Nancy Warren
Lisa Winsor
Amber York
Maureen York
Laurie York


* If your name has been inadvertently omitted or is incorrect, please accept our apologies, and contact or call 508-993-8894. 

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