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Paul Anthony, General Manager, Sea Fuels

Rodney Avila, safety trainer, former fisherman/boat owner

Reidar Bendiksen, Owner, Reidars Mfg, former fisherman, boat owner

Bob Bowers, shoreside worker, artist

Raymond and Richard Canastra, co-owners BASE

Alan Cass, scallop captain

Jim Dwyer, lumper

Charlotte Enoksen, fisherpoet

Bob Mitchell, Owner, R.A. Mitchell Company

Marty Olsen, retired fisherman

John Reardon, General Manager, Hercules SLR, former fisherman

Len Roche, educator, former boat owner

Kevin Stokesbury, Chair Department of Fisheries Oceanography, School of Marine Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Joe Swift, Owner, Crystal Ice Company

Ted Williams, safety trainer, former fisherman/boat owner

Chris Wright, scallop captain



38 Bethel Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

Located in New Bedford, the nation’s most valuable fishing port, New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving and presenting the story of the fishing industry past, present, and future through exhibits, programs, and archives.

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