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New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center offers a variety of standards-based educational opportunities for students of all ages! Program content can range from history and marine science to arts and culture.

Recent programs include:

All Hands On Deck, a program for upper elementary students focused on safety at sea. (45-75 minutes)

Change Over Time, a program where students explore exhibits and artifacts to understand changes in the workforce (immigration/gender history), working conditions (labor history), sustainability/regulations, and vessels/gear/technology. Appropriate for middle to high school students. (60-90 minutes)

Sea Monsters: Real and Imagined, to be offered from July 2023-April 2024.

Younger students explore mythical and real-life sea creatures from around the world, with a science or art activity. Older students analyze stories of sea monster encounters and hoaxes and determine fact from fiction utilizing primary documents. Related themes include climate change, geography, myths and legends, storytelling, hoaxes, and art. Appropriate for all ages. (60-90 minutes)

Sea Monsters and Storytelling: upper-elementary students can become storytellers, sharing stories of sea creatures from around the world, and create their own sea creatures using recycled plastic bottles. (60-90 minutes)
Sea Monsters from Myths and Legends: middle school students can explore the myths and legends of sea monsters from different cultures, such as Cape Verde’s Koakun-Klun and the Norse Kraken. (60-90 minutes)
Sea Monsters: Histories and Hoaxes: for high school students, become a history detective by examining sea monster hoaxes, such as the Nantucket Sea Serpent and the Fiji Mermaid, and analyzing primary source documents to discern fact from fiction. (60-90 minutes)

Working on the Waterfront, an introduction to career paths in the fishing industry. Appropriate for middle to high school students. (60-90 minutes)

Programs can be tailored to the particular interests and ages of students. For more information or to schedule a group visit, email Joe Ritter at or call (508) 993-8894.

Click here to access digital educational resources including our Virtual Vessel Tour.

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