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Click the links below to download lesson plans related to the commercial fishing industry. All materials were made by staff at the Fishing Heritage Center and meet state standards.

PDFicon It’s time to grub up 

Problem solving activity focusing on the job of a fishing vessel’s galley cook. Students demonstrate math skills to create a grub list within a predetermined budget while also comparing prices from local grocery stores in order to make the most economical choices.

PDFicon Create a menu for a local seafood restaurant 

In this interdisciplinary activity, students will create a menu for a local seafood restaurant. This project is designed to engage students creatively while also allowing them to demonstrate a variety of CCR Language skills and creative expression.

PDFicon Where do they go? 

Students practice geography and math skills while learning about their relevancy to commercial fishing such as pinpointing locations, locating habitat protection areas (restricted access areas) calculating depth and distance using measurement conversions.

PDFicon School of Fish Resource Guide (Culinary Arts)

Culinary Arts students (high school and college level) can use this resource guide for a better understanding of sustainable seafood and eating local species. There are a series of lesson plans for Culinary Arts faculty relating to the topic of sustainable seafood as an appendix to this resource guide.

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